Here at Sky MM; we are strong believers in the famous quote; "Knowledge is power. "

As such; we feel its best to arm you with all the relevant industry insights and agency processes as necessary. This ensures you start your time with us 100% confident that you are aware of what lies ahead & you are expecting realistic outcomes.

This way;  we can spend less time explaining processes as we go and spend more time working on our passion - getting you placed! 

We dont believe in the hard sell, or budget stretching for that matter, we present the raw facts, show you the results we can achieve and let you make your own mind up.


We understand that nine times out of ten, costs are going to be the deciding factor. So here they are at the start. Now you can concentrate on the information ahead, without that question burning in your mind..  We are run by humans with hearts, so if you really want to do this and even a small fee such as ours isnt viable, let us know - we can work out payment plans for any budget.

our fees



Our most popular fee. This includes $30 for our admin department to set up your profiles and compcard.

Memberships to Casting Networks, AT2, Backstage, Castasugar, Showcast and Casting & Auditions ( & Model Mayhem for adults )

+ $150  PHOTOGRAPHY ADDON ($390)


The above plus professional photography by one of our preferred photographers, with whom we have negotiated an unheard of deal of 80 photos shot either in studio or on location. 6 of these photos are edited to studio standard. 

+$200 UPDATES ADDON ($440 / $590 )

if you would like to receive fortnightly updates on you progress and the castings / modelling gigs you have been put forward for, add this to either option above. . 

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our processes

Once we receive your portfolio photos and talent info form, we start the work on your profiles and comp card. We stop at nothing to make you shine, We created our state of the art, graphically designed comp card to ensure you stand out from all the others, instantly. 

Children are provided with 5 membership profiles from the top casting sites, and adults 6. 

You receive access to one of these profiles although we still manage the application process, (you can just take a look & update details) and we have agency access to the others. These sites include; Casting networks, Showcast, Castasugar, AT2, Backstage, etc. 

We also send your compcard out to casting directors and labels who are not on these casting portals. We have strong connections with many high end and niche directors through our 20 yr experience in the industry. Clients range from the low end insta labels up to Hollywood directors; we recently worked on casting for Ben Afflek's latest film and Peter Rabbit 2. 

We also generate castings, by contacting new labels and filmmakers, creating affordable packages which get you cast!



It's often thought that once talent acquire an agent,; they believe that their phone will immediately be ringing day and night with news of millions of auditions. Oh if only we could say that was true!

Unlike other agents - we don't give you the hard sell, or wildly inaccurate hopes. Being cast all lies with chance in the first year or two. If your demographic hits the mark of a casting and you are chosen, this usually spells the first step on the road forward. 

Some talent don't get this opportunity for 10 years, yet some wait only 10 days. You just never know. 

We recommend viewing this opportunity to be in the eyes of the top casting directors and fashion labels in itself as an achievement. Likewise; getting even one audition in you first year is great! You are viewed amongst a plethora of talent via a vast number of agents. Which is why Star goes the extra mile for her talent, most importantly we choose to be transparent so we can adjust any inflated expectations. Theres nothing worse than being told by an agent that 'you got what it takes to make it!!', 'I'll call you every week with updates, but I'll likely call every day with a job you're so great!"; only to hear absolutely nothing, over the course of an entire year under contract with that agent. This is a story we hear over and over, w

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We feel its highly important to show our clients up to date images and information of our talent, in the best possible light. As such, we request updated home shot photos and check measurements over the course of the year as required, to pass on to the clients we work with. 


Our agency covers all experience levels, ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes with a zero discrimination policy. Our talent fee is the same regardless of age and experience. We are able to offer sibling discounts and payment plans if required. We also accept a family shot to go alongside a child's profile, this can be taken by you or by our professional photographer for a small charge. This can then enable the whole family to be put forward for roles, as we often are asked for 'real families' for advertisements.

Due to the fact we are a boutique agency, we only take on those faces we truly believe we can place, as such; we have a great placement rate. We cap our talent numbers to 350, to ensure we know everyone personally.. We think that providing updates to talent with information of numerous audition applications, and no bites; only dampens morale - another reason why these updates are not provided as standard,  


Star x 

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Approximately 20 - 30 castings a week cross our desks. all across Australia and London.  We match our talent and do all the necessary schmoozing to try and get you the job. Our founder; Star has 20yrs experience under her belt - behind and infront of the scenes. 


If you are lucky enough to be called for audition or a fitting; we then immediately contact you with details of the audition. We are here for any questions along the way in regards to what to expect with each one of those opportunities.


If you are successful in landing the job; we let you know. If there is no callback or contact after the audition within two weeks, we take that as a no. So if you don't hear from us, this means that unfortunately we didn't hear either. But it's onwards and upwards to the next opportunity and don't give up hope - we work day and night trying to get you placed! 

The two sides of the industry are polar opposites in terms of notice. Fashion / product stills shoots tend to be planned out well in advance. However; TV & Film castings are usually lightning fast - usually only providing a few hours to submit our talent for their brief. We are always on our toes, constantly checking the casting portals to ensure we don;'t miss your big break. We LOVE what we do, seeing you succeed is what the job is all about for us! So rest assured, you're in safe and committed hands when you sign with us. 

Star xx 

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Thanks for dropping by to check us out! 

 Online trading is the new norm - so we've adapted our business & our site; to guide you through the industry and the changes now in place.


our ethos


We are an open & honest agency and pride ourselves on being completely transparent about the ins & outs of the industry , so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process.

We keep our fees extremely low - covering photography and admin only, so you receive a tangible return on your investment and don't spend money on extortionate management fees, in an

industry that offers no guarantees. 


Sky MM is committed  to mirroring the UK's industry's model;  bringing ethical practices to an unregulated industry- whilst 

providing unparalleled service to our clients and talent alike In the hope that these practices become the norm